Ryan’s Moving and Storage: Serving BC and Alberta Since 2000

At Ryan’s we undertake the burden of having to pack, transport and manage your belongings when you are moving houses. Our skilled crew can handle everything for you, from packing your items to installing them at your new place, and everything in between. Our packing and moving services are available to customers in Surrey at very affordable rates.

Making it easy

It would be great if moving from one place to another was just about putting all your items into boxes, and then unpacking them at your new place. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things to consider that make the job more difficult. Our staff will help you:

  • Estimate how many boxes you need in order to pack
  • Find out how much of your possessions will fit into your new place
  • How much storage you will need in case you decide to de-clutter your home
  • What is the best way to pack each item

Whether you are moving to the house a few feet away or a few states away across the country, we will make it easy for you to safely and securely move your belongings within a reasonable time frame.

No hurry, no worry

Even if you need to pack and move your furniture, appliances and other things on a short notice, you do not need to fret about it because:

  • Our experts will help you pack your things and organize them neatly
  • We label everything and keep an inventory that will ensure that everything has been accounted for
  • Our vehicles are equipped with GPS for tracking, so you can always know where your belongings are at any point of time
  • Our fleet is incredibly efficient and we hire reliable drivers with excellent records

Please contact us at Ryan's today for local and cross-state moving and packing. You might also want to know more about our storage facilities to give your belongings a temporary home while you make arrangements for your new place.

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