Home Furniture Sales and Repair

Furniture Sales and Repair

You do not want your old furniture and plan to buy new ones. Maybe you want to repair your existing furniture, so that it will look great in your new place. At Ryan's, we sell and repair your furniture at very reasonable prices. We help you deal with everything related to moving and packing, and managing your furniture is part of it.


You can:

  • Get our help in selling your existing furniture
  • Buy new furniture from us
  • Get your things repaired or modified for a new home

Our furniture experts will help you estimate the cost of buying new furniture. We also help you figure out how much your old furniture is honestly worth. You can rely on us to give you accurate and correct estimates, as hundreds of our customers do every day.


If there are small problems here and there with your furniture, Ryan's will repair it for you at affordable prices. We deal with:

  • Broken or weakened furniture joints
  • Regular wear and tear
  • Worn off polish and varnish

If your furniture is really old and creaky at many places, it will probably make more sense to sell it and buy a new one. We will however help you make the best of the furniture you have so you can save money.

Some people like their existing furniture, but find that it is not suitable for their new place. Maybe it is too small or too big or needs a different orientation. In that case, we can make small modifications to it so that it fits in your new home the way you like it. Please contact Ryan's to learn more about our furniture sales and repair and get an honest estimate of the costs involved.

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